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Bridal Makeup Package


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Welcome to Fussy Hussy Clothing's FAQ section, where we address common queries to ensure your shopping experience is as delightful and seamless as our timeless fashion.

Do You Do Consignment?

Fussy Hussy Clothing does not participate in consignment arrangements. However, we invite you to explore our vintage collections featuring handpicked, high-quality items from decades gone by.

Can I return or exchange items?

Yes, Fussy Hussy Clothing gladly accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase, provided items are unworn and accompanied by the original tags and receipt.

What sizes are available at Fussy Hussy Clothing?

Fussy Hussy Clothing offers a wide range of sizes for many body types, ensuring every woman finds the perfect fit.

Do You Sell Online?

Fussy Hussy clothing can be purchased in store or by special order online. All online sales are final. Please contact us for options!
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