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Fully Updated Pioneer House

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Looking for a unique historical stay?

Our fully updated pioneer home is the place you’ve been searching for.

From the store in the main house to the fully updated frontier buildings and plenty of space to move, our venue is perfect for a weekend stay, for seasonal rental, weddings, musical venue, harvest picking in September and October, and more.

Owner Paula Carson saved this frontier home and the property it sits on from demolition and development into a sprawl of apartments – not only preserving a piece of Boise history, but opening it to the public.

The original owners homesteaded on this land with their 11 children – seven boys and four girls. Its humble roots are preserved, while modern conveniences (no more sawdust insulation!) are added for your comfort.

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About Our Location

Centrally located:  We are on bus line close to downtown and beyond. The Green belt goes for miles along the Boise river just blocks away for fabulous walks and biking.

The Swim park is on Whitewater parkway just a 1/2 mile away. The river provides surfing, kayaking, and tube floating, water side cafes and wine tasting less than a mile away. More active? The motorized scooters to rent for easy on the go exploring. Or Try a 40 minute drive up to Bogus basin for summer fun Mountain biking and rollercoaster rides.


Unique Stay

Updated Facilities


Plenty of Room

Harvest Picking

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Step Back In Time

Escape to the great outdoors and enjoy our unique pioneer home venue. Enough space for events of all kinds, and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some special time with friends and family.


$ 275 / 3 Nights (minumum)

Stay At The Frontier House

Enjoy your stay with us and get away from it all. Join us for a step back in time with modern amenities!

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Yours to explore and enjoy for weddings, parties, musical acts, family reunions. Tenters and travelers welcome.

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